Defy Negative Stereotypes About Women of Color

You live in a society that does not always embrace or value the diverse spectrum of skin colors representing women of color throughout the world. Sometimes women of color are perceived negatively, negatively stereotyped, labeled as unattractive, and associated with negative views because of the color of their skin and racial category. These perceptions are unjust and designed to make you believe that in order to be considered beautiful, you must meet European standards of beauty.  This could not be further from the truth. With every fiber of your being, know that the color of your skin, texture of your hair, shape of your nose, shape of your body, and size of your lips, are not indicators that you are inferior, they are not indicators that you are not beautiful, and  they are not indicators of what you can and will achieve in life. Break down skin color and racial barriers and let the world see that you embrace, value, and love the color of the diverse skin tones of all women of color. Celebrate all women of color and be proud of the color of your skin.

“A lily is no more beautiful than a rose; an oak tree no more beautiful than a palm tree; and an opal no more beautiful than a pearl. Each is beautiful in its own right and each has unique value and plays a special role in nature” (Jackson-Lowman, 2013).

Light skin is no more beautiful than dark skin, thin lips no more beautiful than full lips, straight or wavy hair no more beautiful than natural or kinky hair, and a narrow nose is no more beautiful than a broad nose.  Beauty is diverse in every aspect and each opinion or thought of what constitutes beauty are based on the individual. Because of this, there needs be more respect for the diversity of beauty that can be found in society. No one standard of beauty is superior to any other standard. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


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