Jealousy Is A Wasted Emotion

160_F_74607474_Rqw1iwDXtl5pXYlBtGG6yhw82UjBcOTt    Jealously is one of the most wasted emotions that humans experience because it has no purpose. Instead of wasting energy being jealous or envious, spend time enhancing and improving yourself.  Jealous and envious women thrive in negative environments and radiate negative energy. Fabulously fifty women of color thrive in positive environments and radiate positive energy.

When you allow yourself to become consumed by jealousy, your psychological, emotional, physical and social well-being may become unbalanced leading you to act, react and interact negatively – and without warning, you suddenly find yourself stuck on a page in the book of your life, an abyss, or the murky waters of envy, spite, and anger.  


You focus on embracing other women of color and being supportive. You clearly understand that you will meet women who may be more creative, smarter and prettier than you are, have better bodies, prettier hair, larger homes, better opportunities, class and style, or women who have embarked on awesome careers. Embrace them while embracing you, and never allow yourself to waste time or emotions dwelling on negativity.  Giving someone the evil eye glare, being a crab in the barrel, making nasty comments, or being mean-spirited, all limit your ability to live a fulfilling, happy and significant life. 

Lift each other by celebrating, embracing and empowering each other through words of encouragement, support, and unity. Cheer each other on and be the inspiration needed to conquer the negativity of jealousy.


You are too busy living life fabulous to waste time, energy or thoughts that are not conducive to your overall well-being!


Culbreth, D. (2014). Living Life Fabulous at Fifty: Affirmations for Women of Color.


On Being Bigger, Better and Bolder!

Being bigger means that you are the bigger person who takes the high road at all times and that you are the bigger person when dealing with adversity, disagreements, and difficult people. You understand that being bigger means standing firm in your convictions and calling attention to issues that affect girls, pre-teens, teens and women of color worldwide.

Being better means that you are better person today than you were yesterday, last week, last month or even last year. You have learned valuable life lessons from your experiences and now use them to make you a better person. You read and research issues affecting girls, pre-teens, teens, and women of color throughout the world and work to make the world a better place for them.

Being bolder means that you dare to be different and dream of being a trailblazer and torchbearer for girls, pre-teens, teens and women of color who will break down race and color barriers impeding girls, pre-teens, teens, and women of color across the board.

Your ability to be bigger, better and bolder will enable many girls, pre-teens, teens, and women of color throughout the world to believe that they too can break down race and color barriers and be a part of the change that is needed in this world. You are bigger, better and bolder. Think it! Believe it! Be it!