Living Your Dash in Style


The dash is the time between the year you were born (sun rise) and the year that you move on to a higher plane (sun set).  Your dash should be lived in style. Find your purpose, your passion and mission in life, your soul mate, the career of your  choice, and a lifestyle that compliments who you are among other things.

Live your dash with great self-love by exhibiting a  high level of self-esteem, defining your identity, taking pride in who you are as a woman of color, and respecting yourself. Your  dash says a lot about you, so take as much time as you need to determine what you will accomplish next, where you will go, and how you plan to arrive at your destination in style.


So, how are you living your dash? Make it meaningful and leave a mark that lets the world know that you lived a significant life.



Source: Culbreth, D. (2014). Living Life Fabulous at Fifty: Affirmations for Women of Color.



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