Show and Tell

160_F_12606748_Bq5TTOVDqqk78i3JJmwuh8J1YviG91mB  Tell your children/grandchildren that you love them and show them at the same time so that they continue to grow, not only knowing that you love them, but feeling loved. When children feel and know that they are loved, they will not look for love in the wrong places and from the wrong crowd.

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Show your children/grandchildren that you love them in little ways that mean the most. A hug followed by “I love you” can build confidence and inspire. Become personable with your children/grandchildren and instead of texting them to say I love you, tell them in person and look into their eyes when you do so that they see the certainty in your eyes.


160_F_12606936_DKpedfvwPKs1eu5j3f7MCOeJY3gM4HX7 - Copy  Motivate them with words of encouragement and remember that elaborate gifts are not substitutes for quality time, love, attention, or affection. When you show and tell, your children/grandchildren will know what love feels like and in turn, they will grow understanding what giving, receiving, feeling, and knowing what love is.

If you have not done so today, show and tell your children/grandchildren that you love them!  Words and actions are powerful!




Culbreth, D. (2014). Living Life Fabulous at Fifty: Affirmations for Women of Color.


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