Discovering Your Hidden Talent

The fall is my favorite time of the year, a time when I enjoy the real beauty of nature from the leaves turning awesome colors that take your breath away, to the beautiful warm colors of the mums in my garden. I really revel in decorating the house with warm colors of burnt orange, olive green, gold, burgundy, and chocolate brown. Of course, the scent of pumpkin or spice candles set the mood. The cool crisp evenings coupled with a cup of tea with lemon, a good book, a nice warm throw, and of course, my glasses really make fall evenings on a private deck ideal.


I really wanted to do something totally different this year so I decided to make a wreath for my front door that included the beautiful colors of fall. I brought the flowers, fall colored ribbon, and heavy-duty wire (my husband’s idea) to shape the wreath into a large circle. On a cool evening, I set up a workstation on my deck and began working on what I now call the masterpiece of all masterpieces. I turned on Watercolors and while I enjoyed the soothing music, I discovered a hidden talent.  My masterpiece is now something that I can mark as accomplished on my Fabulous Fifties’ Bucket List. Who would have guessed? Wonders will never cease to amaze me!

photo 2

I decided to create a Fabulously Fifty Memoirs album that will contain memoirs of my creations. I covered an album with beautiful print cloth and left over dried flowers. On the inside, each addition will include comments along with the date and a photograph.

How creative are you? It is amazing when you discover your hidden talents by chance. As the fall slowly creeps in, take the time to discover your hidden talents. You may just create a masterpiece, begin writing a best-selling novel, a poem or two about the beautiful fall weather, or a short story that rocks with suspense.

What will you fabulously create to celebrate the beautiful fall? Whatever you create, enjoy the time spent on your fabulously fall project and then take a picture and add it to your Fabulously Fifty Memoirs.

Discover your hidden talents as you live life fabulous!



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