Understand Your Biases

Understanding your own biases will help you better understand how and why you interact with other women of color as well as women outside of your racial group. Sometimes biases, whether conscious or unconscious, can prevent you from bonding and forming friendships with women who are different from you. Understand how and why you may be biased and how stereotypes, the media, and others dwell on the race and/or color lines that continue to separate and divide people of color and how they serve as barriers and road blocks that prevent you from becoming friends with a woman outside of your racial group. The media has a tendency of reporting how people of color from different racial groups are always at odds with each other and many times, they are over reactions to minor issues.


Know that women of color as well as women from other racial groups can bond and become sisters in unity. Know that you are a woman of color living in a society that does not always embrace your individual racial group, culture, ethnicity, or color. Do not let historical events, prejudices, and stereotypes prevent you from being a part of the change needed in this world.

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Consider forming a bond with a woman from a different racial group and as you learn more about each other, your cultures and ethnicities, you may just become good friends, who will one day sit on one of your porches and laugh about the good old days, schedule play dates for your grandchildren, and celebrate holidays and cultural traditions together. You never know how your life as well as your new friend’s life will be enhanced. Understand your own biases and know that you can become friends with someone from a different racial group. Be a part of the change that is needed!



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