Women of Color, Voting and Political Office

As a woman of color, you have the power to participate in change by  voting on Election Day. Yet, many neglect to vote because they feel that their voice or vote does not matter. This is not true! Women of color are a growing group, and to make sure that your interests are priorities on the political agenda, you must be full participants in politics and Election Day. Doing this will bring better discourse for your families and country as a whole. Instead of complaining about today’s political scene, make sure that your voice is heard by voting. Encourage your children, friends, and family to do the same. You can even make the event exciting by throwing a Voting Dinner Party and asking each guest to bring a dish. In order to join the party, each guest would have to show their “I Voted” sticker at the door.

Consider running for political office and change the demographic of the political arena in your community, state, or on Capital Hill. You can use your power to focus on the change that is needed in society. Be a trailblazer and torchbearer on a mission to make a difference. Be a politician that works for the benefit of the people


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