Be Original

Copying someone else is considered the highest form of flattery and that is okay sometimes. It would be better if you focused on being original in all that you do. Develop your own unique style that compliments who you are, not someone else. If your neighbor plants flowers, it does not mean that you have to plant the same flowers, but rather plant flowers because you want to and because you will take care of them. Do not steal the ideas of others but rather use your creative talents and skills and develop your own ideas. You never know how your original ideas may impact your life and propel you to success. If you do copy from others, be woman enough to acknowledge and give credit to the right person.

Know that you do not have to “keep up with the Jones’ rather, keep up with yourself and be original. When you try to copy others, sometimes you lose sight of who you are, become vain and sometimes bitter. You should have your own passion in life and focus on spending quality time identifying your individual likes, purpose, mission, and vision for YOUR life. Spend quality time creating and developing YOUR own ideas. Life will be more fulfilling and significant if you live your dash originally. Fabulously fifty women of color are original in all that they do!


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